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An N95 mask with built-in microphone to receive calls

Shubham Sharma
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An N95 mask with built-in microphone to receive calls
An N95 mask with built-in microphone to receive calls

24 Sep 2020: An N95 mask with built-in microphone to receive calls

COVID-19 has made masks more important than any other day-to-day accessories.

You need these coverings all the time while venturing out, even if that means dealing with annoying downsides like discomfort and muffled voice.

Now, to tackle these problems without you having to pull your mask down, Hubble Connected, a US-based Platform as a Service provider, has brought a new MASKFONE.

Device: Reusable N95 mask with wireless headphone

MASKFONE, as the name implies, is a face mask that does the job of protective gear while also acting as your phone at the same time.

It provides N95-grade protection and comes integrated with a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that can connect with your smartphone to let you make/answer calls and listen to music on the go.

Working: Earbuds integrated with mask, mic remains built-in

With MASKFONE, you can have clear calls and a tangle-free music experience, without removing your mask and risking COVID-19 exposure.

The earbuds seamlessly come out of the mask to plug into your ear, while the microphone remains built-in so that anything you speak goes out without being muffled.

The microphone also features background noise isolation, allowing you to talk in busy environments.

Features: 12 hours playtime, IPX5 rating, and voice projection

The headphone element of the mask can function like a regular pair of wireless headphones, thanks to 12 hours of playtime, IPX5 rating for dust and water protection, and Google, Alexa & Siri compatibility.

There is also a voice projection feature that enables you to project your voice to another person, although it requires the Hubble Connect companion app to work.

Protection: Medical grade N95 filtration to keep coronavirus away

To fend off disease-causing airborne pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, MASKFONE offers medical-grade N95 protection.

It uses twill fabric to fit comfortably and features five filtration layers: one soft, skin-friendly absorbent inner layer, three other filter layers, and one PM2.5 filter, which can last for 200 hours before you need to replace it by another one.

The mask comes with three complimentary PM2.5 filters.

Fact: How much does it cost?

The MASKFONE comes in two sizes and can be pre-ordered in the US and Canada at $49.99 (Rs. 3,700). The company has also planned international shipping, but the date of global pre-order is yet to be announced.