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Mumbai: MDCC Bank director, co-op member fined Rs 24,000

HSEB is re-conducting re-appear exam after it was cancelled due to malpractices. This time the Haryana board claims to have taken strict measures to avoid cheating. Police will be deployed at exam halls.

The Information Technology (IT) secretary has directed one of the current directors of the Mumbai District Central Cooperative Bank Ltd along with another cooperative bank member to pay a fine of Rs 24,000 to MDCC Bank for obtaining information about bank customers without following proper procedure.

In its order, IT Secretary S V R Srinivas, the adjudicating officer, observed, "…it seems that the respondents have taken the data from the RTI not for personal use, but for larger interest. However, it must be noted in this case that respondent no. 2 (Yeshwant Khele) obtained the bank accounts of the customers of the complainant bank by contacting his friends (handling) at the RTI. It seems that proper procedure was not followed by the respondents to obtain the information… using frivolous means is a violation of inpidual customers' privacy and sensitive data."

According to MDCC Bank's lawyer, the bank and the two respondents were in a dispute in another forum and the latter had obtained certain documents pertaining to the bank without following proper procedure, following which the bank approached the IT secretary for data theft.

The complainant in the case is Satish Patankar, manager of MDCC Bank. Patankar, through his lawyers Prashant Mali and Tejal Patel, argued before the court that Sondeo Patil, the current director of MDCC Bank, and Khele, associated with a cooperative society affiliated to the MDCC Bank, were involved in data theft where they accessed several bank statements, loan information and so on, leading to losses for the bank. The complainant alleged that the duo accessed these documents while investigating some employees they suspected of cheating.

MDCC Bank chairman and legislator Pravin Darekar said, "While making allegations against the bank, Patil and Khele had given data of bank customers to mediapersons and put it up on social media thereby compromising bank security and hence we had approached the courts against them. The matter was then transferred to the adjudicating officer."