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This Modified Jawa Forty-Two Motorcycle is As Dark As it Can Get

Jawa’s re-entry into the Indian market certainly did wonders. Not only did the company manage to eat into the sales of its immediate rival Royal Enfield but also garnered a massive response, forcing it to ramp up the production. In certain cities, waiting period for the bike has crossed over 9 months already.

As more of these motorcycles start hitting the streets, numerous modifiers have put on their creative caps to churn out rather astonishing models ranging from café racers to off-road capable ADVs. Such is this example coming from Darkside Customs.

While we are dark on details about the price tag on this Jawa R.D.S, the bike seems to perfectly fit the bill of a mean café racer which could readily join Darth Vader’s army. Starting from the heavily modified front fascia, the R.D.S gets a curvy semi-fairing up front. The motorcycle is dipped in eerie black shade with red accents all over. Devilish much?

The Jawa 42 agreeably justified the brand’s re-entry, but such a modification has kicks things up be several notches. The custom saddle gets a cafe racer style kink at the rear and carries a brown shade which matches the body paint shade. The engine has been completely blacked out along with several other components on the motorcycle. Upping the ante is the custom free flow exhaust that sweetens the deal.

Except for the new exhaust, the bike mechanically remains the same. It is powered by a reworked version of the 293-cc unit seen on the Mahindra Mojo. The motor churns out 27hp and 28Nm of torque.