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‘Modi trying to become better actor than Akshay’: Congress cries foul over PM’s ‘non-political’ chat with Bollywood star

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PM Modi interview with Akshay Kumar: The Congress has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ‘non-political’ interview with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar describing Modi as a failed politician who is trying to explore opportunities in the entertainment industry. Akshay Kumar described his interview with PM Modi, which was aired by almost all TV news channels on Wednesday morning, as ‘candid and completely non political’ chat, however, the Congress sought to give it a political twist.

Speaking to journalists during a regular press briefing at party headquarters in New Delhi, Congress national spokesperson Randeep Surjewala attacked PM Modi over steps like Demonetisation, GST and unemployment.

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“Akshay Kumar ji is a great actor and we like him. He is a very successful actor. An unsuccessful politician who has decimated India’s economy, who has decimated India’s jobs, who has made life hell for India’s farmers and the poor, is now trying to become a better actor than Akshay Kumar ji,” Surjewala said.

Surjewala said that PM Modi knows that the BJP will fail to retain power in Lok Sabha elections and hence he has started looking for alternative employment opportunity.

“It seems a failed politician who is about to be rejected on May 23, 2019, is looking for an alternative employment avenue in Bollywood, but I don’t think so, a failed politician like Modi ji will be a successful actor in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar will remain Akshay Kumar,” the Congress leader said, adding “He’s trying to become a better actor than Akshay Kumar but he has again failed miserably like he has failed India”.

In his interview with Akshay Kumar, PM Modi discussed various aspects of his life. From his childhood to friends in Opposition parties, PM Modi revealed several not-known -yet facts about him.

Responding to question, PM Modi revealed that he shares cordial relations with Opposition leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad and Mamata Banerjee. “Mamata didi still sends kurtas to me. She also sends sweets sometimes,” PM Modi told Akshay Kumar.