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MIUI 11 for Redmi phones under development, to be more unique

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MIUI 11 for Redmi phones under development, to be more unique

Xiaomi has initiated the development of MIUI 11. While not many details have been leaked, Xiaomi claims that it will be more unique than MIUI 10.

Love it or hate it, Xiaomi's MIUI OS is one of the widely used custom interpretations of Android. The operating system powers some of the most popular smartphones in the country. Over the past couple of months, MIUI has been flagged for commercialising the user experience for financial gains more than deemed necessary. Despite that, MIUI has been a very popular user interface with its own huge community of developers, testers and fans. Xiaomi released MIUI 10 as a major update over the previous versions last year for most of their smartphones. Now, they are working on a next-generation MIUI 11.

If the media reports are to be believed, then Xiaomi has initiated the development work on MIUI 11. At the recently held Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting, their Head of Product Planning, Liu Ming announced that development on the next version of MIUI, destined to be called MIUI 11. While the report doesn't give much insight into expected features, Ming assured that MIUI 11 will offer a unique experience.

Ming said that MIUI 11 will be faster than MIUI 9, which is weird considering MIUI 10 isn't being drawn into the comparison. The new interface will rely more on AI to provide for a new and unique experience. Additionally, Ming also assured the MIUI 11 will have more "human" touches to its interface than previous iterations of MIUI. The interface will launch with the next generation of Xiaomi smartphones and will trickle down to existing Xiaomi models over the course of time.

While a probable release date for MIUI 11 hasn't been announced yet, Xiaomi could bundle it with the next generation Xiaomi flagship smartphone launch. This means we could possibly see MIUI 11 with the Mi 9 flagship smartphone. MIUI 11 will be based on Android 9 Pie and should benefit from Google's current generation optimisation, both in terms of power efficiency and AI. Xiaomi could come with its own take on Digital Wellbeing and Adaptive Battery in MIUI 9.