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Miracle child: 1-year-old survives hunger, rains and head wound for 48 hours, found beside dead woman in Baghpat field

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A one-year-old was found to have survived hunger, thirst and rains when she was spotted crawling out of a field in Baghpat by devotees visiting a nearby shrine. A decomposed body of a woman, believed to be her mother, was also found in the field. Both are yet to be identified. Initial investigation by the police suggests that both were attacked with a sharp object, reported the Indian Express.

Now in the care of a hospital whose staff have named the toddler Gudiya , the girl has her head covered in bandages and has been put under the charge of Constable Rekha Nagar from Baraut police station. As per the report, the child miraculously survived a terrible ordeal which included hunger, thirst and two days of rain.

Gudiya is a brave and loving child. She has survived a lot and all of us are hoping she gets better. Her situation has improved since the first day she was brought in, The Indian Express quoted the woman constable, who has a 5-year-old son, as saying. Constable Rekha Nagar arrives at 10 am and leaves by 9 pm.

Doctors at Baghpat s Astha Multi-Speciality Hospital say that Gudiya suffered a wound to the left part of her forehead, most likely a sharp object. The doctors carried out a CT scan and discovered the bone structure of the head was damaged, but seem hopeful.

It is the kind of injury one sustains if their head had been banged against a hard structure. Due to infections in the head wound, we could not stitch it. But we are hopeful that she will recover, said Dr Ajay Garg of Astha Hospital.

Doctors also discovered that the child s body suffered infections caused by worms. As per nurses, the toddler was unconscious for many hours when she was admitted. She drank an entire bottle of milk and water right after waking up. Doctors at Astha Multi-Speciality Hospital are now planning to treat the infection with antibiotics and allow the wound to heal since the worms had caused serious damage.

Rekha said the child was responsive and friendly and she will take care of her. The woman constable also revealed that several people have come forward for adoption and the Child Welfare Commission has also been notified.

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While the miracle child sleeps peacefully in Rekha s arms, officers at Baraut Police Station, which is situated just a few kilometres away, are working on the case and trying to identify the dead woman. I have personally travelled to 25 villages and have shown the picture of the woman to village pradhans, but no clue has come so far. Two persons came from Delhi asking about the child but it did not match their description.”

Dharmendra Sandhu, the officer investigating the woman s murder, has said that he travelled to 25 villages and have shown the picture of the woman to the village pradhans, however, no new development has come up in the case. Two persons also paid a visit from Delhi enquiring about the child but the description did not match. Messages have been sent to local WhatsApp groups of media, social activists and police, Sandhu told the publication.