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MG ZS Electric SUV: Expected Price, range and features


After the success of its Hector SUV, MG is now taking on an another challenge, that of cracking the EV space with its ZS SUV. This would be MG’s second launch and the expected date is around the December 5, 2019.

So what is this SUV all about? Well, unlike the Hector, the ZS is a soft-roader and is a shade smaller, but crucially a bit bigger than the Hyundai Kona EV — its only competition in India. The ZS is about 4.3m and was designed to be an EV in the first place, and that has an advantage as packaging is not an issue.

The looks are more crossover-like, but some details stick out — such as the unique grille which doubles up as the charging point and the blue colour that is exclusive to the ZS EV. The interiors are also nice and of good quality, particularly the chrome used and the detailing scattered all over. It is a fairly spacious 5-seater and on par with other 20 lakh plus SUVs, although it is smaller than the Hector.

MG zs ev

The model which would be offered in India would be well equipped and like the Hector, would also get the Internet connected tech along with over-the-air updates.

Other than that there is a panoramic sunroof, an 8-inch colour touchscreen featuring sat-nav, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The ZS has a 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which is connected to an electric motor that delivers 141 bhp and 353 Nm. The range is the big question and we official figures claim it to be 350 km plus; realistically, one can expect just under 300 km on a full charge. Also, expect a charging time of 7 hours on the standard charger at home and about 45 minutes on a fast charger.

MG zs ev

MG recently also announced its partnership with eChargeBays, a Delhi-based start-up, to assist its customers in setting up infrastructure at their home for self-charging their EV. MG will send experts to identify the best way in which MG ZS EV buyers can install an EV charger at home.

There would be chargers at select dealerships too with fast charging stations to be made available in five cities. We expect the ZS EV to be sold in 5 cities at launch. MG will also aggressively price it to keep it cheaper than rival, Hyundai Kona. Thus, expect a Rs 22-23 lakh price.

Would the ZS EV be as big a success as its Hector sibling? Only time will tell; meanwhile do tell us in the comments section below about what your thoughts are regarding this car and about electric vehicles in general.