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How To Merge Multiple UANs

Team BankBazaar

Universal Account Number or UAN is a 12-digit identification number. This number, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and generated by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), is unique to you and identifies your provident fund contributions. It links all your PF accounts and brings them together at one place under the umbrella of your UAN-linked account. This helps you manage and keep track of all the PF accounts that you may have held with varied employers. Once linked with your Aadhaar card, the UAN account will use your digital signature to facilitate PF balance transfers as and when you need it. Thus, you can move the funds in a click, without having to physically sign anything or visit a branch.

UAN: A Number That Grants Unlimited Convenience
In order to handle your PF operations smoothly, it is mandatory for you to hold only one UAN number.

Here’s why the UAN is so important.

  • The UAN holds all your data at one place easing the process of employee verification.
  • The UAN brings all your past and present account details, KYC, and PF history in one place. This lets you withdraw or transfer your PF money to your linked bank account in just a click.
  • Your employer can validate all PF withdrawal requests or submit funds to your PF account online easily using the UAN portal.
  • You can use the UAN portal to manage and keep a track of all your PF accounts conveniently.

Why Is Having One UAN Essential?
Not only is having one UAN mandatory by law, but it also leads to seamless PF transactions. However, there are many reasons why you may have landed up having multiple UANs. Your previous employer may not have updated your exit date in your PF profile, due to which your new employer may have issued you a new UAN. Conversely, you may not have updated your new employer about your existing UAN and now have two UANs in your name.

As per the PF guidelines and UAN mandate vide the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, you cannot hold two or more active UANs in your name at the same time. So, ensure that you inform your new employer about your existing UAN going forward.

How To Tackle The Issue Of Multiple UANs
If you have more than one UAN to your name, it’s time to deactivate all your previous UANs and keep your current UAN as your one and only Universal Account Number. You can do this by reporting the issue to your employer or the EPFO directly by sending an email at Specify all your UAN numbers and their related details in your mail. On successful verification conducted by the EPFO, your previous UANs will get deactivated and you will be left with only the current UAN. After this all you need to do is apply for a PF transfer. Once the EPFO receives it, it will release and transfer all your previous provident fund money into your new UAN and compile them. This process can take time and you will need to monitor the progress. As an alternative, you can go online to and initiate a transfer using Form 13 to deactivate your previous UANs.

Here is how you can do it.

  • On the UAN portal, login using any of your valid KYC numbers and make your way to the ‘claim’ tab. Select ‘Request for transfer of account’ to transfer your old EPF to the new UAN. The system will identify that the previous EPF is linked to one UAN while the transfer is happening on another UAN.
  • Once EPFO spots the error, it will look into the details to verify the multiple UAN issue.
  • After this, EPFO will automatically deactivate your multiple UANs from which the transfer has been carried out.
  • You will be notified via SMS on your registered mobile number linked with the UANs regarding the alteration the EPFO is conducting.
  • You may be asked to activate your new UAN in case you are yet to do that. However, you can be rest assured that all your PF balance and arrears from the previous EPF accounts will be smoothly transferred and brought under your new UAN post the deactivation of all other UANs.

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