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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owner Pays Rs 15,000 to Rescue his Stuck Car out of the Beach

While we agree that a beach makes up for a perfect holiday destination, it’s not a wise thought to take your car for some ‘fun’. Especially if it’s a car that’s worth more than Rs 50 lakh. While cars getting stuck at beaches could be a common sighting in our country, this particular incident has a rather humorous twist.

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class owner who goes by the name Kedar True TV got his car stuck in the loose sand of the beach on an evening. As the car’s power was put to shame after being dug into the sand, the owner was left with no other option than to get the help of villagers. And here’s the interesting part of the incident. A bunch of local residents who agreed to help him, demanded a price of Rs 15,000 to get his car out.

The owner claims that the residents showed pictures of cars that had had previously gotten stuck in the beach, in a bid to convince that the demanded money was fair and reasonable. However, with no other alternative and a setting sun in sight, the owner decided to pay the money and get his car out of the miserable situation it had gotten in.

However, the efforts were not in vain but a bit disappointing as the car moved out on its own once the front tires were out of the pit. The German car which weighs nearly 1800kg was expected by the owner to climb out on its own once he slammed the throttle. However, little did he know that it only worked against his favour.