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Meet Spencer Galbreath, a Black entrepreneur in US creating awareness

Rashi Bhattacharyya
·2-min read

Meet Spencer Galbreath, a Black entrepreneur in US creating awareness
Meet Spencer Galbreath, a Black entrepreneur in US creating awareness

31 Aug 2020: Meet Spencer Galbreath, a Black entrepreneur in US creating awareness

Today, diverse business industries exist because of extremely talented individuals who stand firm against the adversities of life to reach their goals.

US is a prime example of this, but the country is still entrapped with issues like racism and crimes against the Black community.

Determined to change this mindset of the society is a proud Black entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio: Spencer Galbreath.

LYFE Connoisseur: Galbreath's eco-friendly clothing brand LYFE Connoisseur

Galbreath started his eco-friendly and organic clothing brand named "LYFE Connoisseur," where he handles marketing, branding, advertising, and various other responsibilities himself.

He proved his mettle in the entrepreneurial world through his versatility, by being a LYFE connoisseur and a music arbiter as well.

Apart from this, Galbreath also owns a beauty and makeup shop, named after his 8-year old daughter.

Racism: Being a Black entrepreneur in America is not easy: Galbreath

The recent racist attacks have affected the entire community, including Spencer.

He says, "Being a Black man in the corporate world is no walk in the park." He believes that efforts toward inclusivity should be maximized at all levels.

He is also working with local law enforcement agencies to learn and teach the way the police force thinks while dealing with African Americans.

Awareness: Generating awareness about laws and legislature among youth

To help his community, Galbreath has been trying to encourage the youth to learn about the important laws and legislatures.

For example, he speaks of SB 731, which would keep the communities safe by keeping the officers off the street who commit misconduct, by establishing a state-wide process for automatically decertifying officers, fired for specified misconduct like dishonesty, sexual misconduct and excessive force.

Diversity: He believes it is time to diversify the corporate America

A huge supporter of 1 Vote Closer, a Los Angeles-based NGO that gives people a reason to vote, Galbreath says, "I believe the time is now to diversify corporate America and have our own kind in the top seats."

Success depends on determination, strong will, and self-belief, which has been proven by entrepreneurs like Galbreath, who always rise above all their struggles.