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Meet the Mahindra that you cant buy in India

Does this look cool? This is the Mahindra Roxor and nope, this is not for India, but for the US market. The Roxor, based on the Thar, is a more hardcore beast with the sole agenda of being an off-roader’s dream.

Mahindra Roxor

The Thar and Roxor have their differences. The US market gets a more focused off-road ready version while our Thar is a bit more lenient with a few features thrown in. The biggest change is that you cannot drive the Roxor on US roads- it is not street legal unlike how the Thar is in India.

The Roxor can be driven on farm lands/ select off-road trails but not on roads hence no registration is required. It does not have a windscreen or doors or well, much of anything.

Mahindra Roxor

There are more changes too as the Roxor has a tweaked grille and is made of lighter materials than the Thar. The Thar is way more domesticated and tarmac/feature friendly than the Roxor. The Roxor is lighter, smaller and nimbler than the Thar. Additionally,  Mahindra offers the Roxor in a whole range of colours/wraps while the Thar is limited to few options.

Mahindra Roxor

So who gets the better Mahindra, US or India? Well the Roxor is designed as an ATV rival and not a conventional car while the Thar can be used on roads. The Roxor is the more fun and the better off-roader for sure, but the Thar has its advantages which have been mentioned above. So while India will not get the Roxor, the Thar is not a bad compromise, no?