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Meet Jeison Hurtado Moreno, taking over the world of films and entertainment as a charming actor and influencer

Brand Voice
·3-min read

The talented youngster has garnered a massive fan following across his social media platforms as well, with earning over 130K followers on Instagram alone.

Long have we known stories about people who at once had nothing at hand and then went ahead in creating milestones in their careers, either by smartly grabbing the opportunities that life placed them along their journeys or by creating opportunities themselves to rise above their mediocre life and create a lifestyle and career for the world to remember. Similar is the story of one of the most talented actors and influencers from Colombia, who has sculpted a successful journey for himself as an artist in the vast entertainment world; he is Jeison Hurtado Moreno.

This talented being hails from Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia and since the beginning had the utmost faith and love for Jesus Christ. However, life was not a walk in the park for him even as a kid. He was exposed to the negative influences in his neighbourhood; but his quest to rise above all these negativities, helped him turn his destiny for the better and today, he is reached a position in life, where people love him as an actor and consider him as their idol.

Today, Jeison Hurtado Moreno is a talented actor, personality and influencer who has earned a massive audience and fan following not just in Colombia, but across India as well. Well, this may sound a bit unreal as one may wonder what would have made this 30-year-old actor gain momentum across Indian audiences too? But the actor himself clarifies that “A long time ago, I had posted a video on Instagram and promoted it. Gradually, I started getting more likes, comments and my followers too increased from across the world, and especially from India, a country that loves the art and the films.”

Everything started for this youngster in the entertainment world when destiny placed him with an opportunity on the streets of Colombia, amidst the shoot of a popular Colombian series. Jeison Hurtado Moreno needed work and sending his photographs to the production team manager, changed his life completely and since then he has never looked back.

Jeison Hurtado Moreno has a charming and attractive personality coupled with a lot of confidence to face the camera and the ability to connect with the audiences deeply with his work. Ask him what motivates him in life and pat comes the reply, “working hard and to be able to get to a position where many people can be helped to improve on everything in their lives.”

He is also a football fanatic and a huge Manchester United fan and apart from acting, he also loves to cook, travel and workout. Although he is a fitness freak and works out every day, the actor also loves to indulge in fast food with Burger King.

His latest work as an actor was a commercial in Bogota, Colombia. Jeison Hurtado Moreno’s favourite film so far is Scarface and the celebrity he would like to meet in his life is Jim Carrey, for his flawless comic timing and performances. Speaking about his upcoming film project, Jeison Hurtado Moreno says that it is called LA MISMA MALDITA HISTORIA or in English THE SAME DAWN STORY. This is touted as his first biggest project, the shoot of which will begin sometime at the end of 2021. The actor also is super excited as the project would go on floors in Cali, Colombia and then probably in Mumbai, India as well.

Whether it is on the screen or on social media platforms, Jeison Hurtado Moreno is buzzing high with his appealing persona, screen presence and incredible acting skills. Follow him on Instagram @jeisonf7 to know more about him and his next projects.

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