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Meet Jeffrey Harris Intuitive Options Trader Who Harness the Power of Leverage

·3-min read

This article is about the story of Jeffrey Harris, CEO of Theo Advisory Group, who grow his success in the financial markets trading options.

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How Jeffrey Began Trading

Jeffrey Harris was your everyday financial market enthusiast back in 2013. Jeffrey knew that harnessing the leverage of risky investments would increase his potential for profit. The riskier the investment, the higher the return rate. Jeffrey Harris used a simple technique: to study the macroeconomics of country’s in emerging markets looking specifically for those that had undervalued balance sheets.

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How trading stock can be affected by macroeconomics

Jeffrey had an interesting proposition that by trading stocks in the emerging markets they would be affected more by the macroeconomics of the country which thus gave a greater margin for profit in options trading.

When one thinks about it, this does make sense. Because the macroeconomic condition of a country greatly depends on various factors like inflation, national output, demand, and employment rate to name a few, a good eye can easily find whether a certain business will grow or fall apart.

For example, if a person were to invest in a fruits company at a stock rate of around $1 per stock and the country’s national output increases dramatically, the stock rate could reach $2 or even $3. The demand for fruit would also increase the price of that company’s stock rate because more people would be willing to invest. This level of increase would cause stock options to explode which would provide a greater opportunity for profit while leveraging a smaller amount of capital.

How Jeffrey became so successful

This is exactly what Jeffrey did. He had only 50$ to invest and a big dream. He extensively studied the effect of macroeconomics on stock prices and was effectively able to develop a formula that as long as he find a positive correlation of macroeconomics within a country that were undervalued, then he knew he could profit from it.

Of course, only knowledge is not enough to make someone as successful as Jeffrey. Some other factors include intellectual prowess and fortunate timing helped as well.

Six years later, Jeffrey Harris is one of the most successful stories we have ever seen thus far in the options trading arena. He now has his own company called Theo Advisory Group.

Theo Advisory Group is a business that teaches others how to profit from trading options. It is kind of funny when you think about it. A normal individual with a plan started with 50$ back in 2013, and now has a business built around teaching other how to find trading opportunities just as he once did.

Frankly speaking, we have never seen a story like Jeffrey Harris before. Maybe it is because there has never been a real case of exceptional success from something as simple as extensively studying macroeconomics and its relationship to a country’s fiscal development. If you someone you know wants to learn more about trading options reaching out to the Jeffrey and Theo Advisory Group at