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MedTech sector: Know how to hire the right people

By Titus Arnold

A major transformation is taking place in the Indian healthcare ecosystem in general and the medical devices sector in particular. In the latter, it s being driven by changes in customer demands and profiles, and the introduction of new business models, policies, regulations. Movers and shakers in the sector are its talent, and thus acquiring talent has seen a change.

Data plays a major role in clinical care delivery, drug discovery, etc. Data can also help recruiters understand what a candidate is looking for in a company, and this can make the recruitment process more personalised. Companies can use platforms like LinkedIn as a data source. Data can help candidates also they can use the same platforms to evaluate companies.

The power of social media

Social media engagement can be a connector. For example, Medtronic India is present on popular social media platforms to not only post job openings but also give visibility to a huge audience that uses these platforms for both recruitment and engagement. Such steps can be win-win for both companies and candidates.

Need for diverse capabilities

Like all industries undergoing rapid change, medtech companies are no different. The need to hire talent that brings in diverse experiences has become ever more crucial. At Medtronic, our experience of taking a sector-agnostic approach has helped. Our expertise lies in identifying people who can apply learnings through experiences and skill-sets to our new situations successfully. In this growing industry, we need individuals who can apply knowledge to ambiguous situations, demonstrate clear thinking and strong result-orientation. Essentially, the ability to apply past experiences in changing conditions or first-time situations successfully is key for growth in the sector.

Leveraging engineering talent

The vitality of medical devices industry is reflected in its focus on R&D and IT capabilities. Innovation in medtech needs strong clinical engineering partnerships, along with robust clinical, regulatory and quality validations supported by refinement in processes and technology. India offers a major advantage with the availability of a large pool of engineering talent to drive product design and development for global as well as Indian markets.

(The author is director, HR, Medtronic Indian Subcontinent)