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How do you measure success? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett have perfect answers

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Bill Gates

Often perspective changes with the age of an individual. It seems that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has the same realisation. Gates said the questions he is asking himself at age 63 are very different from the ones he would have asked when he was in his 20s. “One thing that occurs to me is that the questions I am asking myself at age 63 are very different from the ones I would have asked when I was in my 20s. Back then, an end-of-year assessment would amount to just one question: Is Microsoft software making the personal-computing dream come true?,” Gates said in his ‘gatesnotes’- The blog of Bill Gates.

Gates apart from assessing the quality of his work, he has started asking a few questions to himself. “But I also ask myself a whole other set of questions about my life. Did I devote enough time to my family? Did I learn enough new things? Did I develop new friendships and deepen old ones? These would have been laughable to me when I was 25, but as I get older, they are much more meaningful,” Gates wrote.

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Gates also thanked his wife Melinda Gates and US businessman Warren Edward Buffett for broadening his thinking. “Melinda has helped broaden my thinking on this point. So has Warren Buffett, who says his measure of success is, Do the people you care about love you back? I think that is about as good a metric as you will find,” Gates said.

Talking about his New Year s resolutions, Gates said he has always been committed to setting clear goals and making plans to achieve them. “As I get older, these two things look more and more like the same exercise. So I am making a resolution for 2019. I am committing to learn and think about two key areas where technology has the potential to make an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, but also raises complex ethical and social considerations,” Gates said.