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What is Mastodon? How To Create Mastodon Account? How Does It Work?


The world of social media is dominated by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three services are highly popular amongst the youth and they enjoy a monopoly with their audiences.

This might soon change as there is a huge surge in the user base on a new social media platform called Mastodon. You might have come across this name quite a few times recently, however, it is actually not a new platform.

Mastodon started operations on October 5, 2016, and was developed by Eugen Rochko. The service calls itself as a 'federation' and offers an abundant amount of communities created by fellow users similar to subreddits.

The overall user interface of the Mastodon looks similar to Twitter, where users can customize their profile, post multi-media files like images and videos. Plus, users can also chat with one another. Just like twitter, there is a 500 character limit on each post.

The logo of the Mastodon is inspired by an extinct creature that mimics elephants. Though there is no official app for Android or iOS there is a list of third-party apps that are officially recommended by the platform that offers the best Mastodon experience.

Over the last few years, the brand itself has undergone several UI changes and currently at Mastodon 3.0 that claims to offer safer social media experience with built-in anti-abusive tools, strict rules against harassment, and a large group of moderates that helps to keep the platform at peace.

The X-Factor

The unique thing about the Mastodon that differentiates itself from its contemporaries is its federated policy. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, where the entire data is centralized, Mastodon takes a different approach. It is decentralized where different regulations and features have their owners and will communicate with one another via the internet.

Mastodon is based on instances. Ex: normal users can create a account and he might not be able to mastodon.sports or unless he wants to. Until and unless two instances are not followed by the same user the system will limit the information that is being displayed on the timeline.

Each of these instances (channels) will act as an individual server and the moderator will control the content that is being pushed into these channels.

How To Join Mastodon Network?

Sign-up by visiting and is the best instant to get onboard with the service. As there are no official apps on can download one of the aforementioned apps to browse Mastodon depending on the type of device.

Top Tech Mastodon Servers To Join


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