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Man vs Wild: PM Modi says he never experienced fear

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Man vs Wild: PM Modi says he never experienced fear

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he never experienced fear or nervousness in his life. PM Modi, who featured on Discovery show Man vs Wild, said that his life has always had a positive disposition.

"Never experienced fear. Never felt nervous as I am very positive. My temperament is very positive. We should not think of our lives in pieces. Always think of going up," PM Modi told Bear Grylls.

The prime minister also shared an anecdote of his life to revealing the value of nature and natural resources in India's culture.

"My father used to send postcards to all relatives every time it rained in the village. When I was a child I didn't understand the value of that but now I understand why my father bought postcards even though we didn't have money. I now understand the value of rains," PM Modi said.

Talking about another instance, the PM shared that his grandmother would not let his uncle do a wood chopping business as she believed that there is life in every tree.

"My grandmother did not allow my chacha (uncle) open the wood shop saying the family will starve but will not harm the environment," PM Modi said.

PM Modi on Monday became the second world leader after then US President Barack Obama to feature of the hit show where the host takes viewers on a wild journey into nature reserves. The episode with PM Modi was shot at Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand in February, 2019.