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Man Vs Wild: In harmony with the elements

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Man Vs Wild: In harmony with the elements

A former British SAS commando. India's incumbent Prime Minister. What adventurist Bear Grylls and Indian Premier Narendra Modi now have in common is an adventure deep inside the international favourite Jim Corbett National Park, aired as the latest episode of Man vs Wild telecast on Discovery Channel on Monday evening.

Joining ranks with celebrities such as American actors Will Ferrell and Jake Gyllenhaal, who have appeared on Man vs Wild, not to mention former US President Barack Obama, who was part of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the latest episode with the Indian Prime Minister showcased Modi's outdoor persona and willingness to take on elements other than political.

The anecdotal hour-long programme not only introduced a relaxed and informal side of the Indian premier but also brought forth his commitment towards nature and making India clean.

Walking for around eight kilometers with Grylls in classic tiger territory - tall grass and a fast-flowing river, Modi, at his informal best, introduced Grylls with his early years spent in poverty and his humble youth in the deep Himalayas where he ventured to fulfill his spiritual quest.

Walking with an improvised spear, that had become viral even before the telecast; the Indian Prime Minister insisted that this was his first holiday in 18 years. When Grylls asked if he was scared of the wild animals that they might encounter any moment, Modi emphasised that he didn't know what fear was.

"I have never been nervous of anything. The question of being fearful of animals does not even arise as I have always believed in giving paramount importance to peaceful coexistence with nature," he said.

Sportingly climbing a make-shift raft to cross a river and talking to Grylls who was half-submerged in the icy Himalayan waters, the rain-drenched Prime Minister insisted that for him conservation was high on the priority list.

"In India, every plant is considered holy and given the status of God. The imbalances and wrath of nature that we witness today can be attributed to the large-scale exploitation where human beings are becoming increasingly self-centered. Our lifestyle is a major problem and we must put a stop to exploiting nature at the earliest."

Concluding with the message to the world: "Don't exploit nature, and think of the generations ahead" Modi thanked the host for making him remember his youth.