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Making a meal of Covid restrictions

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The contortions that some people get into when trying to define a scotch egg show what limited understanding they have beyond their own metropolitan experiences (Scotch egg is definitely a substantial meal, says Michael Gove, 1 December). If your evening meal is called “dinner”, then maybe a scotch egg is just a snack, or a starter. But if, like many of us, your evening meal is your “tea”, then a scotch egg, served with baked beans and chips, is extremely fortifying and economical.
Anne Neale
Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear

• I’m surprised Zoe Williams’ Aussie boyfriend didn’t tell her that what she calls a French wash, “where you just stand at the sink, splashing yourself” (One in four Britons don’t shower every day. And the rest aren’t doing it right, 27 November), is commonly known in Australia as a Pommy wash.
Peggy Sellers
Pickering, North Yorkshire

• A friend has just sent me a photograph of the message I wrote in his Christmas card 12 months ago: “Things can’t get any worse – can they? Onwards to a better 2020!” Any ideas for this year’s message?
Les Bright
Exeter, Devon

• Could the prevailing failure of blind dates to hit it off (Letters, 29 November) be down to the marked discrepancy between many couples’ replies to the question: what did you talk about? Listening is an important skill if empathy is the goal.
Peter Lowe
Newcastle upon Tyne

• Be assured that Sodom in Denbighshire is definitely thriving (Letters, 30 November).
Dinah Hickish
Tremeirchion, Denbighshire

• Surely we should allow the good citizens of Climax, North Carolina, to bring this correspondence to a mutually happy end?
Richard Mangan