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New makeover for Indian Railways Samastipur Junction! See pics of the revamped station here

Devanjana Nag

Samastipur Junction railway station revamped! Indian Railways gives a swanky makeover to Samastipur Junction! The railway station located in Bihar falls under the Samastipur Division of East Central Railway zone. Piyush Goyal chaired Railway Ministry under its station beautification and redevelopment initiative has renovated the Samastipur Junction, providing the railway station with several passenger-friendly amenities and facilities. Also, the railway station has been equipped with various modern features to enhance the overall passenger experience. According to details by East Central Railway zone with Financial Express Online, the following steps have been taken for the redevelopment of Samastipur Junction railway station:

  • Four new escalators, as well as two lifts, have been commissioned at Samastipur Junction station.
  • The station has been provided with a new platform shade with polycarbonate sheeting.
  • The station walls have been decorated with Mithila paintings.
  • Also, paintings depicting ‘Make in India’ initiative have been depicted on the walls of waiting halls, ticketing area, circulating area, and facade of the main station building.
  • The circulating area of the railway station has been renovated and beautified, using paver blocks to improve the surface.
  • The enquiry counter of the railway station has been renovated and upgraded.
  • The station’s waiting hall has been renovated and improved by fixing granite flooring.

Under the station beautification and redevelopment plan of Railway Ministry, many railway stations across the country have been upgraded over the last few months. The stations have been beautified as well as equipped with many new features. Some of the newly redeveloped stations are Patna Junction, Haridwar Junction, New Tinsukia Junction, Wardha Junction, Rangiya Junction, New Delhi railway station (NDLS), Warangal, Sabarmati, Dimapur, Dehradun, Anugrah Narayan Road, Chhayapuri, Sainagar Shirdi, Agartala railway stations among many others. Besides, the Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) is also working towards transforming many railway stations into world-class airport-like hubs, including Habibganj and Gandhinagar railway stations.