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Maharashtra floods: Water recedes in Sangli, Satara but situation far from normal

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Maharashtra floods: Water recedes in Sangli, Satara but situation far from normal

The only good news so far from the flood-ravaged areas of Sangli and Satara in Maharashtra is that the water has started receding. But that in no way means that normalcy has been restored.

Agencies are still trying to restore electricity supply. There are long queues outside petrol pumps where people are seen waiting for their turn for hours.

The train services remained shut and the highway commute is still not a safe option. Some trucks carrying essential relief material did manage to enter Kolhapur much to the people's relief.

The relief and rescue operations by the agencies continued with full force as the count of those displaced reached nearly 5 lakh.

Reports say that 105 rescue teams are currently on ground zero. These include the National Disaster and Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards and other agencies. If things normalise by tomorrow then some teams of NDRF could be withdrawn from Sangli.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has cancelled his Russia tour that was scheduled for August 12. The state government is expected to announce measures to tackle the current situation on Tuesday.

Water resources minister Girish Mahajan on Monday expressed confidence that things would get back to normal soon. He maintained that within a week's time there would be a considerable change on ground zero in the affected areas. As per the state government, the count of the dead remains at 32 which is most likely to rise.