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MLAs have given resignation in right format now: Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh clarifies

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MLAs have given resignation in right format now: Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh clarifies

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh has spoken out on the accusations against him that he is deliberately delaying accepting the resignations of the MLAs.

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar held a press conference at the Vidhan Soudha in Bengaluru to clarify his stand even as the rebel MLAs continued to allege that he is deliberately making a delay in accepting the resignations of the JDS, Congress MLAs.

The Speaker later accepted that the MLAs have now submitted their resignations in the right format and he will now consider them through the night.

As the group of MLAs approached the Supreme Court to raise their complaint, the Speaker said he is delaying the process because the resignations are not in order and for his love for the Constitution.

The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the group of MLAs to tender their resignations afresh in the right format.

After this the MLAs flew back from Mumbai to Bengaluru and met the Speaker to submit their resignations again.

Justifying his actions, Speaker KR Ramesh said, "I am delaying the matter because I love this land. I only the Constitution. I am not acting in haste because of my love for the people."


The Speaker also said that he will examine the resignations throughout Thursday night and ascertain if they are genuine.

Earlier, the Speaker had rejected 8 of the 13 resignations of JDS, Congress MLAs that landed on his table last week. He had said the resignations were not written in the right format.

He added, "Eight letters were not written in the prescribed format. In case of the rest, I am obliged to look if the resignations are voluntary and genuine. I won't speak about the voluntary and genuine nature of resignations."

"It is not just about accepting and rejecting a resignation. Should I be working at lightning speed? For whose sake? What about the rules," asked the Speaker.

"The MLAs don't communicate with me and rush to the Governor. What can he do? Is it not misusing the functionary of the nation? They approached the Supreme Court also," he said.

He went on to justify his actions and said, "My obligation is to the people of this state and Constitution of this Republic."

The Speaker also slammed the MLAs for approaching the MLAs. He said, "Should MLAs go to the Supreme Court to meet me? Even the Supreme Court should have thought about it. Who stopped them from meeting me? Instead they sat in Mumbai and went to Supreme Court and then you accuse me of delaying."