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Longewala residents recount horror of 1971 Indo-Pak war

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Longewala residents recount horror of 1971 Indo-Pak war

The battle of Longewala, etched in Indian popular culture after the movie Border, is a site of the valiant fight of outnumbered Indian soldiers who defeated numerically superior Pakistani troops assisted by heavy battle tanks.

The Indian subcontinent has suffered many wars due to unprovoked Pakistani aggression. In each of these wars, Pakistan has suffered a humiliating defeat. Whether it was the 1965 war, the Bangladesh war (1971) or the Kargil war (1998) Indian forces soundly defeated the Pakistani Army.

India Today TV visited Longewala, the site of an epic battle during the 1971 war. At Longewala (Rajasthan) Indian forces stood their ground and defeated a superior Pakistani Army group. At the time of the Battle of Longewala, Pakistani troops were armed and were assisted by heavy tanks. The Indian side did not have a single tank and yet was able to repel the Pakistani attack.

People of Longewala recount the horror of those battles and how the Indian Army along with the Air Force ensured that Pakistan was given befitting reply for its misadventure.

"I was fairly young then. Indian Army had beat the Pakistani Army soundly in the 1971 war. Pakistan had to suffer heavy losses," a villager told India Today.

On December 4, 1971, Pakistani tanks had entered inside the Indian territory. After they were spotted and defeated by the Indian forces.

The 'Yudh Sthal' at Longewala still has tell-tale signs of the battle that lasted nearly 10 days.

Hunter planes of the Indian Air Force devastated Pakistani tanks during the battle. The 'Yudh Sthal' in Longewala still has remains of these tanks.

These mangled remains of once mighty battle tanks are a memory of the day when Indian territory became a graveyard for the Pakistani war machine.