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LG XBoom GO PK7: The audio quality is impressive

Nandagopal Rajan
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The audio controls on the LG XBoom Go PK7 are unique. There is a clear vocals button that switches the focus clearly to ensure that Leonard Cohen s baritone stands out from all the din around it. And for the lovers of Bollywood music there s an enhanced bass mode too.
The audio quality is quite impressive. LG has leaned on UK s Meridian to tune the speaker for high-resolution audio. So the audio profile is rich and clear with no distortion even at high volumes, as you would be inclined to play it at parties.

With all types of music I played on the speaker, the experience was quite good. I streamed music from the iPhone and even used it alongside an Echo Input to get Alexa on the speaker. At no point was I disappointed. Even without the Alexa, the PK7 is smart on its own and can connect with the smart assistant on your phone to act on voice commands. However, I am not a big fan of the idea as I might be closer to the phone than the speaker to touch a button and ask for something.

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With iOS, the button activates Siri and works without any setup at all. Also, the speaker buttons can control the phone. Given that this is a large speaker, it also has a large battery that allows playback at full volume for well over 18 hours. So if you are on a weekend trip, you can easily keep the adapter at home.

The LG XBoom Go PK7 is a good Bluetooth speaker to bring home, especially if you are the sort who likes to party and won t mind taking your music out wherever you go. At Rs 22,990, the LG XBoom Go PK7 may appear a bit expensive, but there are online deals that will let you own this for less. The only scary part is the two Wall-E like eyes staring at you all the time. If you think the PK7 is beyond your budget, you can also opt for the smaller PK5 priced at Rs 14,990 and the even smaller PK3 at Rs 10,990.

Estimated street price: Rs 22,990