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Is LG working on a smartphone that tri-folds like a wallet?

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Is LG working on a smartphone that tri-folds like a wallet?

LG in the past has shied away from revealing any concrete plans about launching a foldable display smartphone. Though the Korean electronics giant has admitted that it has the technology to make foldable screen phones, it has always maintained that it would launch a foldable display smartphone if there is a consumer demand for such a product. While LG might have decided not to launch a foldable screen phone for now, but that hasn't stopped the company from exploring designs for a future smartphone.

LG Electronics has been granted a patent foldable display phone with a Z-fold design that folds like a tri-fold wallet. The images shared by Lets Go Digital indicate that while the two displays of the phone fold like other foldable display smartphones designs that we have seen so far, the third display attatches itself to the body of the smartphone using a set of hinges.

The patent that was published on August 9, 2019 in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database shows that the phone when unfolded has the display area that is twice the area of regular smartphone or roughly the size of a tablet. The second display is half the size of the main display. Overall, the device has narrow edges with a small frame edge visible between the main display and the second screen.

Interestingly, the sketches indicate that the phone will not sport a selfie camera. Instead, it would come with a vertically mounted dual rear camera setup. The phone would also be missing fingerprint sensor indicating that the Korean smartphone maker is planning to include an in-display fingerprint sensor in its foldable screen smartphone.

Apart from this, the phone seems to missing a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack indicating that the phone will come with a portless design and that it will come with wireless charging technology. However, it would come with a speaker grille.

LG, in the past, has patent a number of foldable smartphone designs. The LG Duplex, the LG Bendi, the LG Foldi are some of the designs that we have seen in the past, all of which indicates that the company might not be planning to launch a foldable display phone just yet but that doesn't mean that it might not launch one in future.