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Lenovo unveils folding laptop: ThinkPad X1 with folding display unveiled, to go on sale from 2020

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Lenovo unveils folding laptop: ThinkPad X1 with folding display unveiled, to go on sale from 2020

Lenovo has introduced a laptop with a folding display into the ThinkPad X1 family. The display is an OLED panel with 2K resolution and Lenovo claims it's a full-fledged laptop.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold a few months ago, most of us assumed that a folding display will make tablets and laptops seem useless. The idea of carrying a large 7-inch screen with massive computing power seemed to be the future of mobile computing. However, Lenovo thinks that folding displays can also help laptops and Lenovo has just demonstrated that with the ThinkPad X1.

Lenovo has unveiled a new addition to its ThinkPad X1 lineup of premium laptops. For the first time, as Lenovo claims, it has offered a laptop with a folding display. The form factor of the laptop is pretty similar the Samsung Galaxy Fold unveiled a few months ago. Unlike the Galaxy Fold though, Lenovo says this is a proper laptop and it has powerful specifications that make it work as a laptop.

The foldable laptop has a large 2K OLED display that can fold in half. The display is made by LG and relies on a hinge. The screen measures 13.3-inches, on par with what expensive and compact Windows ultrabooks offer these days. The edges are flat and hold the speakers. There are thick bezels all around and there's no camera visible, thereby eliminating the need for a notch. Lenovo says the folding display can reduce the size of the display by 50 per cent and that makes it easy to carry around than conventional laptops.

While the display can offer a software-based keyboard, users can attach a mechanical keyboard as well. Lenovo says that users can use the folding laptop just like a conventional laptop. Users can take it to office, work on documents, watch movies, browse social media sites and take notes on its foldable touchscreen. Lenovo says the folding laptop has an Intel processor and runs on Microsoft Windows.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folding laptop will be available for sale in the market from 2020 and will join the ThinkPad X1 lineup of conventional laptops.