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Learn to Code With a Cute Little Robot Called Cozmo: Watch Video

AFP Relaxnews

Users can program this cute and fun AI-powered robot via the accompanying Code Lab coding platform, suitable for all levels of experience. Over time, Cozmo will learn to explore the environment, to get to know its users and, above all, to interact with them. The robot also has a unique personality and is capable of expressing emotions, for example, when he succeeds or fails in a task, he can be proud or disappointed, satisfied or grumpy, thanks to his own artificial intelligence. The robot comes with three "Power Cubes" for playing with Cozmo alone or with friends.

The limited-edition holiday version is finished in Interstellar Blue and has white caterpillar tracks. Cozmo is out now priced $179.99 for the standard and limited-edition versions. The accompanying mobile application is available to download free of charge from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).