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Kris Bortnovsky has Created Sustained Financial Success for His Investors Through Sakal Ventures

·3-min read

Attaining continued success in the financial markets can very a very arduous task in the current economic climate, with the evolving pandemic, the upcoming presidential elections, is important to find the right fund to manage your money during these unprecedented times. Kris Bortnovsky, or Kris Bort, as he in known in the financial world, has found a winning formula and continues to exceed client expectations with his fund, Sakal Ventures.

Kris aspired to be in finance from an early age, and after graduating from the notorious Canterbury Prep School in Connecticut, he passed the licensing requirements to become a broker, and has never looked back. In his first year, he was a top producer for the wealth management firm he worked at, producing over 7 figures for the company. He later went on to be a hedge fund manager in New York, and now that he has relocated to the Sunshine state, he became a founding partner at the prestigious Sakal Ventures fund. Sakal Ventures is a venture capitalist fund with the objective to maximize risk-adjusted returns over the long-term with a focus on late stage companies in the private market, Sakal aims to reduce risk by adhering to precise criteria. Investments are only made if they possess significant risk/reward potential, and they are made in private market securities in the US with valuations above 500 million. Sakal has achieved sustained success in large part to the team Bort has assembled: from AJ Arora who is a technology sector growth virtuoso, to Anthony DeBenedicts who is a Wall Street titan and capital management veteran, to George Ebner who is a master analyst and MIT graduate, Bort has the winning formula for growing investor money. The team employs rigorous bottom-up research and operational in-depth analysis of companies and industries from a concentrated portfolio of outstanding opportunities. Portfolio risk is mitigated through only investing in companies with proven revenue generation and long-term profitable business models.

The cornerstone of Sakal is their focus on late stage pre-IPO companies. They provide an avenue for investors to capture returns on their investment in excess of 1000 percent by isolating companies at the intersection of proven revenue generation and extraordinary future growth, mitigating risk of “seed capital” investing, and alignment with the largest, most influential institutions and funds in the world.

The investment process is also what separates Sakal from other funds as they use a series of proprietary screens that are run on a daily basis to scout for interesting opportunities based on valuations, industry trends, and shifts in the macro environment. Screens are employed to find companies that are capturing exponential growth, employing revolutionary technology or processes, and redefining their respective business. Qualitative assessments are also used by using in-depth financial modeling across various projections, distinct strategies, as well as ideas from industry experts in conjunction with investment team’s thesis.

Sakal is sector agnostic, but focuses on four sectors that continue to yield investors sizable returns: technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and plant based foods. Bort focuses on these sectors primarily because they have the best multiples. A six figure investment is required to be a part of this fund, but it is well worth it as the returns investors see speak for themselves. If you are looking for an experienced team spearheaded by a financial wizard, Sakal is the fund of choice. Their rigorous market analysis, forward thinking approach, and visionary ideas are what separates this fund from the rest.

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