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Koko Petkov – The Story Of Successful Trading Leader

Brand Voice
·3-min read

Not everyone is born successful or as a leader of people. Some people toil hard for days, months, and years to climb up the ladder of success. Efficiency and hard work lead people on the way to success. Koko Petkov is such a personality who made his way from being a humble teenager to a successful trader.

The Success Story

Koko Petkov recounts how he moved off to Germany at the age of 16. He was born in Bulgaria in 1980, and in the early 90s, he started a new life in Germany. Petkov sought a career in retail at first in search of a better life. After initial earnings, he started working with cell phones and cars.

Working 100 hours a week, he formed his own car trading company through hard work. He established the company in Berlin with a few employees and soon found success. The sales were about 8 million per year. At the age of 26, he became a millionaire after starting his career from scratch.

From Bankruptcy To Billionaire

Success earned from the car trading company did not last long with Petkov. The millions he earned soon left him to the point of bankruptcy. However, when you have the will to succeed and the determination to hold onto your ground till you meet your dream, nothing can stop you.

Petkov did not enjoy the car trading business. He did not like the fact that he was left with no time for himself or his family. It drained him mentally and physically, and, thus, lost interest. It was then he came to know about the stock exchange. He decided to try his luck at trading as he always wanted to become a trader. He set off into the world of day trading, fascinated by the idea about earning money.

However, he had no necessary knowledge, technical know-how, and trading experience back then. As a result, he failed miserably and was almost left bankrupt. In the first month, he lost € 115,000 and soon gambled away a million euros. There was also the burden of debt on him that left him broken and destitute. Not only was the hard-earned money gone, but the equally hard-earned company.

It was clear to Petkov that he needed to learn the trade and its nitty-gritty before venturing out again. He began working as a construction site worker for 11 euros per hour to sustain himself and learn to trade. He went back to auto trading to make profits. He managed to pull himself together and learn to master trade before seeing the face of success again. He was slowly gaining success and soon paid off his huge debts. 2013 became his turning point as he became financially independent through trading.

In 2016 he moved to Dubai, where he is presently settled with his family, and began an economically independent life there as a successful trader. Known widely as a billionaire, he is an inspiration for many with his success story at trading, where dedication and hard work are the pillars.

Since life taught him the harshest lessons and took him towards success through a path of thorns, he decided to make the path for others smoother with his experience. Such a noble thought and act is not a rare quality of character.

Moreover, he has introduced the Koko Trading Company and trading courses to teach people step-by-step successful trading methods in the stock market. Knowing the stock market’s ruthless side, he guides new traders about the risks involved and trains them with proper suggestions and guidance to take them towards success.

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