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Kojo Anim & His Celebrity Trainer Michael Baah Reminds Us That You Don’t Need A Gym To Stay Fit & Healthy

Brand Voice
·2-min read

The Britain’s Got talent golden buzzer, comedian Kojo Anim tells us how he stays fit both mentally and physically.

The 39-year-old father of one was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act on last year’s series of the ITV talent show.

The head judge was so blown away by Kojo’s first audition routine he sent him straight into the live semi-finals, saying: “I don’t really like comedians on this show, but I love you!”

That first BGT performance alone has had almost 27 million views on YouTube!

Kojo launched an extremely popular podcast during lockdown. The Wrap Party Podcast produced & presented by Kojo Anim and co hosted by Nathan 5star, Natty Ranx & Sanchez Brown. The podcast was created for men to share the male opinion on various relationship scenarios. Kojo added “They say men don’t open up and share their feelings, but we do.”

Your mental health is far too important! I find Exercise reduces stress & anxiety, negative mood and improves your confidence & self-esteem. Also, I find it helps with my creativity too! So don’t put obstacles in the way! You can literally train anywhere. You don’t need a gym!

Kojo posted a video of him training with his trainer, where he joked “That’s me done for the year”

We spoke exclusively to Kojo’s long term celebrity trainer Michael Baah. The London & Essex based trainer founder of “The Baah Code”, revealed how small tweaks to your exercises will help you get more out of your workouts. The personal trainer to the stars explained you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get in shape. Quality is better than quantity, as short frequent workouts are better than lengthy ineffective ones.

‘If you’re lifting weights, stick to compound exercises that recruit more than one muscle group to build full-body strength, rather than focusing only on your biceps, for example,’ Michael said.

‘Squats and deadlifts are classic compound exercises. You can take it to the next level with barbell thrusts – where you combine a full front squat with an overhead shoulder press.

HIIT workouts are amazing and you can do them anywhere! Put yourself through a 25-30 minute HIIT workout with some basic movement, so you could work five different movements for a minute at a time, with 45 seconds of movement and 15 seconds rest, and get your heart rate up and get a good sweat. “As well as your own bodyweight, I love to incorporate free weights, kettlebells & resistance bands to the workouts to make it a little more spicy

Photography by @becauseimgarry

You can connect with celebrity trainer Michael Baah via




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