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What You Need To Know About Overseas Travel Insurance Claim

Adhil Shetty
A suitable Travel Insurance plan helps us take care of the risks or losses while securing us from any unforeseen circumstances.

While travelling abroad for a vacation or business trip you are meticulous about all important related aspects. You take extra care in booking flight tickets, choosing an accommodation, getting a visa, carrying money etc. to ensure a successful trip. However, in this world of uncertainties, unfortunate or unforeseen events can happen anytime and anywhere, unannounced.  In such situations, a suitable Travel Insurance plan helps us take care of the risks or losses while securing us from any unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is important that we are well versed with the nuances of making a claim for overseas travel.

Here is a lowdown on travel insurance and the documents you need to have to make a claim.

How Travel Insurance Helps

– Compensates for flight delays, trip delays, etc., for long foreign trips

– In case of a trip termination, it also compensates for expenses incurred

-Medical treatments, hospitalisation and hotel accommodation for medical emergencies included

-Customers can avail customised plans based on the destination they are travelling to

– Cover is also offered for personal liabilities, accidental death, travel delays, legal expenses, dental treatments, repatriation and emergency reunion.

Do carry your travel policy number while travelling abroad and an emergency contact number of the insurer.

Some Important Points

  • Look for the network hospitals in case of medical emergencies. Your insurance provider’s webpage might have that list.
  • Intimate your insurer through various country/region based toll free number provided in the offer document or webpage.
  • Claim form is generally emailed or faxed as per policy holder’s convenience
  • You can seek help and guidance in filling up the form from customer service representative
  • Requisite documents need to scanned and mailed back to the relevant email ids for further processing.

Documents Needed For Claims

Based on the type of claims you are filing to your insurer the list of document varies.

Below listed are the claim wise requirement of documents to be submitted for processing.

Accidental Death or Medical Emergencies

  • Claim form to be duly filed and signed by treating doctor
  • Medical Report or Treatment papers or discharge summary
  • Passport copy furnishing date of journey from India
  • Invoices of expense incurred
  • Postmortem report
  • Death Certificate
  • Police FIR copy

Loss Of Baggage & Personal Documents Or Damaged baggage

  • Relevant section of the Claim form to be duly filled and signed
  • FIR report from police authority in the event of theft or loss
  • Copy of old passport (in case of lost documents)
  • Copy of new passport (in case of lost documents)
  • Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from airlines (in case of loss of baggage)
  • Claim form submitted to Airlines detailing list of items lost/damaged along with their cost
  • Baggage loss/damage letter from Airlines
  • Copies of boarding pass, tickets and baggage tags
  • Passport copy furnishing date of entry / exit from India
  • Original bills of items lost

Trip Cancellation Or Delayed/Cancelled flight

  • For any advance payment done for travel / accommodation expenses for the trip needs to be furnished
  • Details of refundable amount from airlines/hotels etc.
  • Copies of boarding pass / tickets
  • Letter from airlines stating reasons for flight delay/cancellation
  • Invoices related to purchase of essentials resulting directly from the flight delay/cancellation. Eg – meals, refreshments etc. purchased.

Claim Processing, Acceptance And Payout

Post submission of the requisite forms and documents to the company, the Claim Assistance team swings into action. Claim documents, various forms and invoices are assessed and verified by the team. If need be, claimant might be asked for additional documents too. After acceptance of the claim, the insurance company settles down the claim and finally disburses the payout. Mostly the payment is done through ECS for which insurer might ask the claimant to submit bank details like account number, cancelled cheque, passbook photocopy and IFSC code.

Points To Note

  • Disclose pre-existing disease (if any) and also check the extent of cover before availing the policy
  • Keep a note of all the exclusion criteria while choosing an international travel insurance
  • Anything event caused under the influence of alcohol or abuse of drugs is out of cover is a leading online marketplace in India that helps consumers compare and apply for credit cardpersonal loanhome loancar loan, and insurance.