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How do you know if your boss wants you to quit?

Have you sensed some tension in the air at work? Perhaps your boss is not too pleased with your presentation. Or your projects are getting postponed. You may feel left out of important discussions as well. Then your instincts may be right. Here are five signs that your boss wants you to quit.

1. You are being micromanaged

Has your boss started criticizing every aspect of your work? You remember your boss being supportive before. So this takes you by surprise. It is a bad sign. Is your boss focussing on minor things not specific to your performance? Then your boss may want you to leave.

2. You are not getting trained

Your growth as an employee drives the growth of the company. But are you often left out of workshops and training sessions? Instead, you see your co-worker being groomed for the future. Then it could be that your boss does not want you to stay. It is likely that your boss has no interest in you as an employee.

3. You are getting the silent treatment

You may be finding it hard to communicate with other departments. You may feel left out of meetings, calls, emails, or co-worker meets. It could be that your boss does not have an open-door policy anymore. Your weekly meetings are rescheduled. All this is cause for concern. Your co-workers may also recognise this and start ignoring you.  

4. Your work is being given away

Are your co-workers getting work that you enjoy doing? See if you are getting responsibilities that your boss knows you do not enjoy. This could mean your boss wants you gone.

5. You are overworked and underpaid

Is your boss loading you with tasks that have impossible deadlines? Then you are bound to feel overworked. Also, your pay may not be at par with industry standards. This is another sign that your boss is not happy with you.

How to improve the situation

1. Perform better

Look at where you are going wrong. Start working on it at once. Commit to improving the quality of your work. In this way, you can get back into the good books of your employer.

2. Don’t gossip

Do you want to repair work relationships? Then do not hold grudges. Remain professional at all times despite personal differences. Avoid discussing fallouts you may have with colleagues. Keep a neutral stance during difficult times.

3. Be proactive

There are ways to deal with a boss who is pushing you away. You can present new ideas to improve your position at work. Try talking to your boss to clarify expectations. This could help you repair the relationship.


Remain professional and tell your boss about your fears. Most managers appreciate honesty. They could help you in areas where you are lagging behind. Focus on improving your work performance. This may help you stay on despite earlier tensions.