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Kidnapping of girls shoots up in Delhi

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Kidnapping of girls shoots up in Delhi

In the first three months of 2019, a total of 1,409 kidnappings have been reported in Delhi. That's about 15 cases every day.

What is more shocking is that 878 or 62% of victims are women and girls. And of them, 351 or 40% are between the ages of 12 and 16, kidnapped by people known to them either for forced marriage or pushing them into prostitution, Mail Today has learnt. In the remaining cases, ransom, rape, assault and murder were the motives, said an official.

Most victims have been targeted near malls, restaurants and colleges, investigators said. A senior officer in Crime Branch said that seamless movements between Delhi and NCR towns are a reason kidnapping has become an easy crime. In about 40% of kidnapping cases, followed by other heinous crimes, gangs of NCR were found to be involved, he said.


On March 2, Delhi Police arrested one Praveen with a one-year-old girl he had kidnapped from a house in Northeast Delhi where he worked as domestic help. Praveen, who was hired by the family a year ago, was trying to move towards Nepal with the child when he was nabbed at Tundla railway station in Uttar Pradesh.
When I found my daughter and him missing from home, I called him. He said he will bring back the girl soon. He was apparently miffed with us when he asked for money and we refused, the mother of the child said.


On March 8, 19-year-old Sumit Raj was held from West Bengal on charges of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl (14) from West Delhi. The accused, police said, was here in search of a job and wanted to marry the girl.

He had been living near our house since 2018. He would often be seen around our house. I never thought he had bad intentions and would kidnap my daughter, the girl's mother said.

Based on her complaint and details about the suspect, the Police Commissioner had announced a reward of Rs 20,000 on Sumit. He had taken the girl to Bihar, first and then shifted to Durgapur in West Bengal to evade arrest.

In seven years, overall kidnapping cases in Delhi have gone up by about 50%. About 6,000 cases each were reported in 2018 and 2019. In 2012, the number was merely 3,949, Delhi Police data says.


Delhi Police spokesperson Madhur Verma said all cases may not actually be those of kidnapping. There are many cases of children fleeing home because of differences with parents. There are also cases of elopement a minor girl marrying an adult or someone her age. Cops have to lodge kidnapping cases, he said.


According to the National Crime Records Bureau, about 180 girls and women are kidnapped in India every day. It also says that nearly 100 of them are kidnapped daily for forced marriage, while five a day for assault.

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