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Food giant Kellogg's unveils ‘Incogmeato' plant-based products

Heidi Chung
Courtesy of Kellogg

Another consumer packaged goods (CPG) giant is attempting to challenge Beyond Meat (BYND) with a line of meatless meat-like products.

Kellogg’s (K) Morningstar brand teased its new Incogmeato line in early September 2019, and now consumers will actually get to try the new products when they hit store shelves soon.

The Incogmeato burgers will be available in March, and bratwurst and Italian sausages will be available in June. All of the products can be found in the fresh meat aisle of select Kroger (KR), Meijer, Weis, Albertsons and Safeway locations.

“These products were designed, from the moment they’re in the package to the retail shelf, to look, cook and smell just like beef,” Sara Young, General Manager, Plant-Based Proteins at Kellogg Company, said in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

The Incogmeato Burger is made from non-GMO soy, while some of its competitors like Beyond Meat uses pea-protein isolate as the base in its products. Young explained Kellogg found that consumers who want to enter the plant-based meat category have said that taste matters the most when they make decisions on which products to eat.

As the hype surrounding plant-based protein gains serious steam, the list of concerns has also grown regarding the actual nutritional benefits of switching to fake meat. Many agree that plant-based proteins positively impact the environment, but the high sodium content and processed nature of the alternative proteins concern some consumers.

Kellogg is one of the more recent companies looking to capitalize on the plant-based meat craze, but it certainly isn’t the only.

Over the past year or so companies like meat producer Tyson Foods (TSN) and grocery chain Kroger have either announced their own versions of plant-based meat products or plans to launch their own products.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are some of the more popular plant-based protein options; however, many have argued that larger companies may have an advantage due to their established supply chain infrastructure, distribution channels and deeper pockets.

Kellogg’s Incogmeato previously partnered with Pizza Hut (YUM) in Oct. 2019 to test the Incogmeato plant-based sausage pizza in Phoenix. Young would not comment on future product partnerships with Yum Brands but noted that the two companies continue to have a wonderful relationship.

Heidi Chung is a reporter at Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter: @heidi_chung.

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