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Josh Kilby, Nashville Real Estate Agent, Tells Us How He Went From Broke To Selling Millions In Real Estate Every Year

·3-min read

In just under 4 years, Josh Kilby has become one of Nashville’s top real estate producers by creating influence using his eye catching branding and passion for helping others build wealth. Nashville is one of America’s hottest real estate markets, which means it’s no easy task to get to the top in such a competitive market.

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“I think my drive for seeing others win and be great at life has been one of my key motivators and has played a huge role in my real estate success”, Josh says. It is clear that he has a different approach than the traditional real estate agent when it comes to generating clients. “I believe my work ethic speaks for itself when it comes to representing my clients, so I never feel the need to actually sale because results sell themselves”, Josh says.

Two major keys to any successful business is great branding and having something proprietary. From a glance, it may seem like Josh has been successful for many years, but what we found most intriguing about him is he has been able to do this in such a short amount of time. “You have to believe in yourself before others believe in you and that’s what I did and still do. that’s just how it works”, Josh says. The way to success hasn’t and will never change for him.

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Josh started his real estate company when most are still in college trying to figure out what they are wanting to do in life. His mission is simple “Change as many lives as possible through real estate and help them build generational wealth”. The most successful people are obsessive and structured in their business. Real estate has created more millionaires than any other industry and Josh believes that’s not by coincidence. “I believe that you get out what you put in and seeing that real estate is commission based, you either win or lose and I’ve never been good with losing”, Josh says.

For anyone wanting to get into real estate, what advice would you give them? I would tell them to make sure your motives are right. It is totally fine to want to be wealthy, but you first need to want to change lives. You have to believe your purpose is more than just about real estate transactions. You have to believe in something bigger than just buying and selling houses. You have to think with a greater vision. Long after I’m done selling real estate, I want people to remember me for my work ethic and willingness to see others succeed. I believe if you do those things; you won’t have to chase success, it will chase you.

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