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Jio GigaFiber, JioPhone 3 expected to launch on Monday: Here's what Reliance can announce

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Jio GigaFiber, JioPhone 3 expected to launch on Monday: Here's what Reliance can announce

We have been talking about the Jio GigaFiber broadband service for a long time, discussing all the leaks and rumours that have surfaced so far. GigaFiber has been in trial for almost a year now and we have been expecting its formal launch soon. And with Reliance hosting its 42nd AGM event on August 12, everyone now expects the company to finally announce the broadband service formally.

However, for this year's AGM event, the GigaFiber isn't the only expected service to be announced at the AGM event. Reliance is also expected to announce the JioPhone 3 this year which, as per the rumours, could be an Android Go smartphone aimed at the budget segment. Not much is known about this but this could be another major announcement from Jio. Apart from these, Jio could also announce something big in the IoT segment.

If you have been looking forward to the AGM event on Monday, here's what we can expect from the event.

Jio GigaFiber could finally launch

After being in trial services for almost a year now, it is expected that Reliance will finally launch GigaFiber commercially. Jio could finally announce the costs of owning GigaFiber subscription and what would come bundled with the package.

So far, leaks have suggested that GigaFiber subscriptions will start from as low as Rs 600 and for that money, subscribers can expect network speeds of 50Mbps and total data allotment of 100GB per month. Along with the data benefits, Jio will also bundle a complimentary landline connection for free calls, just like Jio's telecom service. There will be higher plans offering higher data speeds and even Jio's IPTV service, the costs of which can rise up to Rs 1,000.

Speaking of Jio's IPTV

Jio GigaTV could be real this monsoon

Ever since GigaFiber rolled out, Jio has been hinting about its TV service. Expected to be called the GigaTV, Jio will avoid the conventional DTH technology and instead rely on IPTV technology. This means that the service will stream TV channels over GigaFiber's fiber network. This will allow for offering high resolution streaming with HD audio.

Leaks have suggested that GigaTV's set-top box will be able to stream TV channels in 4K and will offer as standard 600 channels.

JioPhone 3 could lead the way for feature-rich feature phones

Reliance has been announcing new JioPhone models every year at the AGM event and this year, rumours are high around the JioPhone 3. Initially, this one was expected to be a budget smartphone running on Android Go platform. However, the latest leaks have suggested that Jio has been working with MediaTek to develop the phone and the platform will be KaiOS, which eventually suggests another feature phone.

The JioPhone 2 offered a QWERTY keyboard last year and with the JioPhone 3, it remains to be seen where Jio goes. You can expect 4G LTE voice and video calls out of the box. Maybe this year's phone could offer a touchscreen-enabled device similar to older touch-based feature phones from the past.