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Jio GigaFiber: Expected subscription prices, Triple Play Plan details, speed and everything we know so far

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Jio GigaFiber: Expected subscription prices, Triple Play Plan details, speed and everything we know so far

The Triple Play Plan for Jio could bundle Jio's upcoming services in an affordable subscription package. The GigaFiber service is expected to be available commercially very soon.

Jio GigaFiber is the next big thing in the Indian technology sector and everyone is quite hyped about the service. Expected to follow the footsteps of Jio's commercial launch and notable service quality, the GigaFiber service is expected to do to the broadband industry what Jio did to the telecom sector - make better Internet services more affordable. GigaFiber has been under test for a while and is expected to launch commercially very soon. And it seems that GigaFiber will make an impact with its unique pricing for its subscription plans.

But before talking about the subscription plans, here's a recap of all that has happened with Jio GigaFiber so far:

--It is worthwhile to note that you can easily get a Jio GigaFiber subscription at your home. Jio started a Preview offer for the GigaFiber a few months ago which in essence allowed consumers to beta test the service before its goes live commercially. The service has been available for free without any charge, similar to how Jio was available back in 2016. However, one needs to pay a security deposit for the router, which amounts to Rs 4,500.

--Under the Preview offer, customers get to use 100GB of data per month at speeds of around 100Mbps. If one needs more data, Jio has made available data coupons to extend data allowance.

--A recent media report also stated Ambani confirming that the testing on GigaFiber is almost done. The service is confirmed to include home broadband, entertainment, smart home solutions, wireline and enterprise.

While Jio GigaFiber is still available for consumers to try out before the rollout of the commercial service, the company hasn't hinted about the pricing of its subscription plans. However, a leak from an industry insider, as reported by Telecom Talk, revealed a subscription plan that could make GigaFiber the most value-for-money broadband network - the Triple Play Plan. Here's a recap of all we know about the GigaFiber triple Play Plan so far.

GigaFiber Triple Play Plan: All we know

--The Triple Play Plan, as the name suggests, will include a combination of subscription to Jio's three upcoming services - DTH, broadband and a landline connection.

--The Triple Play Plan will offer validity of a month and access to 100GB data allowance at 100Mbps.

--Along with that, subscribers will also get complimentary access to Jio Home TV and a landline connection.

--The Jio Home TV will be Jio's DTH connection that will rely on IPTV technology, i.e. it will use its high-speed Internet to transmit TV channels instead of the conventional DTH services. Rumours even suggest the plan will offer 600 channels.

--The Triple Play plan is also expected to offer an additional 1000GB data split in coupons of 40GB that can be redeemed if one runs out of data allowance.

--With this plan, consumers will get bills of their TV, landline and broadband clubbed under one bill.

--While there's no idea of the pricing yet, it is rumoured that one could get the Triple Play Plan for under Rs 600.

Jio GigaFiber availability:

You can get a subscription to Jio GigaFiber right now under the Preview offer that lets you use the service for free until the commercial services roll out, excluding the security deposit of Rs 4,500. However, commercial services are expected to roll out later this year.