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Jaitley to not accept apology from Kejriwal or drop defamation case: Sources

Siddhesh Raut
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Terrorists have to be dealt with firmly to protect human rights of ordinary citizens: Arun Jaitley

At times we get caught in the idioms that we create. One such phrase is “muscular policy in Kashmir”. To deal with a killer is also a law and order issue. It can't wait a political solution.

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Finance Arun Jaitley is not willing to accept an apology from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for defamatory comments made by the latter a few years ago, sources told News18.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader had reportedly sent his emissary to Jaitley with an apology for accusing him of corruption while he was the President of the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA).

Jaitley had filed a defamation suit against Kejriwal in 2015 on the grounds Kejriwal had hurt his reputation with these accusations, and had sought Rs 10 crore in damages.

The then-President of DDCA had also filed a second defamation suit by alleging that Kejriwal’s former lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, had abused the finance minister in open court during the trial going on for the first case.

Kejriwal on Monday apologized to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal for comments made against them earlier.

Kejriwal had called Nitin Gadkari "one of the country's most corrupt politicians" back in 2014. He had also alleged the then telecom minister Kapil Sibal had a conflict in seeking a revision in a tax demand on Vodafone.

Gadkari and Sibal had filed separate defamation suits against the Delhi CM for his comments but withdrew the suits when Kejriwal issued apologies to both of them on Monday.

Sources who spoke to NDTV said that Kejriwal is looking to clear all the 33 defamation cases filed against him.