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iTunes official page is no more on Facebook and Instagram, could merge with Apple TV

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iTunes official page is no more on Facebook and Instagram, could merge with Apple TV

Amidst rumours of Apple killing iTunes this year, official page of the app has been withdrawn from FaceBook and Instagram. Apple could have big announcements for iOS this year.

If you are interested in anything Apple, today will be a big day for you. Apple's WWDC 2019 is set to kick in from today and similar to the events from previous years, Apple is expected to announce major updates to all its software products. iOS 13 is expected to be the biggest announcement this year, followed by updates to macOS, WatchOS and others. In the midst of all this, there are rumours of iTunes being retired permanently floating around. And Apple has probably started hinting at this development.

Apple is possibly expected to announce the demise of iTunes as a service and the process to do that has already begun. It has been noted that Apple has quietly taken off the official pages of iTunes from Facebook and Instagram. There has been no post hinting about this development previously. First noted by Macrumours, the Instagram page asks visitors to check out the Apple TV page. The report also states that Apple will migrate all the content, likes and original dates from the Facebook page to the Apple TV page.

iTunes is one of the oldest products existing in Apple's portfolio and acted as the sole way to transfer data between iPods, iPhones and computers. iTunes was also the official portal to get original music for Apple devices. However, following the launch of iCloud and Apple Music, iTunes quickly took a back seat and has been mostly been used for managing iOS devices on computers.

Going forward, it is expected that Apple will push consumers towards its new Apple TV service and Apple Music. As for iOS device management, all iPhones and iPads already do backups over iCloud.

There are lots of expectations with iOS 13. Rumours and leaks have so far suggested that iOS will finally get a Dark Mode similar to many current Android phones. It is also expected that Apple could do something about the file system on iOS. It is even suggested that iOS might be bringing a lot of macOS-like features for iPads. The new iOS could have even better integration with Apple TV. Apple is also expected to make further announcements on Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.