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How ISRO-enabled GPS system helps Indian Railways improve efficiency of train services

Devanjana Nag
Indian Railways

ISRO-enabled GPS system helps Indian Railways improve efficiency! Indian Railways’ Real-time Train Information System (RTIS) project is being executed by the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The CRIS is an Information Technology arm of the Railway Ministry. The RTIS devices are primarily used for the acquisition of train movement data, including that of train arrival, train departure, run-through timings at the railway stations en route. The RTIS devices are installed in locomotives, and the trains hauled by such locomotives are monitored through this system. Recently, Piyush Goyal in a reply to a query in Lok Sabha shared the zone-wise details of the installation of RTIS device in the locomotives of passenger and goods trains till 20 November 2019. Here is the list:

  • Central Railway has 103 passenger locomotives and 217 goods locomotives
  • East Coast Railway has 53 passenger locomotives and 140 goods locomotives
  • East Central Railway has 89 passenger locomotives and 76 goods locomotives
  • Eastern Railway has 130 passenger locomotives and 28 goods locomotives
  • North Central Railway has 44 passenger locomotives and 71 goods locomotives
  • Northern Railway has 268 passenger locomotives and 61 goods locomotives
  • South Central Railway has 146 passenger locomotives and 127 goods locomotives
  • South East Central Railway has 50 passenger locomotives and 14 goods locomotives
  • South Eastern Railway has 121 passenger locomotives and 157 goods locomotives
  • Southern Railway has 232 passenger locomotives and 48 goods locomotives
  • West Central Railway has 181 passenger locomotives and 116 goods locomotives
  • Western Railway has 177 passenger locomotives and 0 goods locomotives

Meanwhile, additional funds have also been sanctioned in 2019 for the installation of RTIS system in 6,000 more locomotives. The acquisition of the train running data through RTIS devices helps the national transporter in improving the efficiency of train control, emergency messaging between locomotive and control centre as well as in the dissemination of accurate train running information to the freight customers and passengers.