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Iron Man VR Live Gameplay Demo Shows Life as a Real Avenger Ahead of July 3 Launch

Shouvik Das

While lockdown boredom is something that might be getting to you of late, Sony appears to have come up with a solution, and a rather prolific one at that. Sony's official PlayStation Blog states that Iron Man VR, the much awaited virtual reality game from Marvel that will have you step into the metal shoes of the charismatic Tony Stark, will be released on July 3, alongside Sony's latest PlayStation VR bundle. The launch will bring a bundle that includes a copy of the Iron Man VR full game, a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, and a VR demo disc to get you started with how to set up your virtual reality gaming arena.

However, if the July 3 release date still feels too far away, and you have a PlayStation VR setup waiting at home, you can get your hands on an early demo copy of the game, already. Through the demo, you will don Iron Man's signature armour to fly and pummel your way through a 'Malibu' tutorial mission, flight and advanced combat optional mission challenges, a Stark Jet gameplay mission called 'Out of the Blue', and an interactive Stark Jet cinematic section, which would feature Friday, Pepper Potts and you in the starring role of Tony Stark. While the demo may seem limited, Sony states that "by the end of the 'Out of the Blue' mission, you’ll start to feel like Iron Man as you fly, shoot, and Rocket Punch through some of Tony’s Ghost-hacked, Stark Tech drone problems."

If you wouldn't be as lucky as to have a PlayStation 4 generation console and a VR bundle lying around at home, you're likely among the majority of us. In this case, what you can do is tune in to this 15-minute live gameplay demonstration of how it would feel like to fly around the world like Iron Man. The demo looks encouraging as a virtual reality game, and may just be the big crowd puller for Sony's VR gaming platform under its PlayStation umbrella.

However, interested parties in India will be left disappointed for now, since the list of countries where Iron Man VR bundle will launch includes US, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Republica Dominicana. The VR gaming bundle is priced at $350 (~Rs 26,600). That said, existing owners of Sony PS VR in India will be able to download Iron Man VR directly from the PlayStation Store.