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iPhone 11: New leaks reveal possible design, camera set-up of Apple’s upcoming offering

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As Apple gears up for the launch of its much-anticipated iPhone 11 range, it is safe to say that there is not much left to speculate about seeing the steady leaks we have seen so far. Almost every specification and prediction has been discussed to death. However, it seems that the tech giant still has some surprises up its sleeve.

However, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy and XDA-Developers’ Max Weinbach came together and revealed that Apple is working on a surprising design, camera, storage upgrades, Face ID which tech enthusiasts seemingly did not know about. This leak is being seen as something which has the potential to breathe new life into the iPhone 11 range which has come under criticism for its unusual design and odd branding.

New iPhone Design

Max Weinbach spoke of the design and has revealed that Apple is giving all the new iPhones a matte finish unlike its previous generations. This will allow a better grip. Additionally, the Apple logo on the back will get a new rainbow shine, giving the new Apple phone a distinct look. The leak also suggests that the 'iPhone' branding may disappear from the back of the Apple smartphones for the first time in 12 years.

iPhone Camera

In terms of camera, Apple is said to be rolling out machine learning into the image capture of the smartphone by adding a smart feature called 'Siri Intelligence'.

YouTuber Filip Koroy also said that the iPhone 11 will use all its three lenses to capture Portrait mode data with 4K 30fps recording available on the new 120-degree wide-angle camera. In addition, mics will see improved additions for an enhanced stereo video recording.

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iPhone Storage

The Apple phone has never been able to escape the low-storage criticism but it now seems that the tech giant is eager to shed the tag. The new leaks state that the company will double its entry-level storage on the iPhone 11 Pro range up to 128GB, which is much more than the current 64GB. The full range, it is being reported, will be given at 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.