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Investing in Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons From Big CEO

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The Journey to Real Estate

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From a former award-winning franchisee with an excellent track record with some of the leading brands in the fast-food industries such as Kahala Foods, Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, and Subway, among others, Big CEO alias Fox has risen to be the founder of Real Estate Ballers Inc.

Big CEOs journey in real estate began when he bought his first home in 1997 and then realizing that he had more than 100,000 equity a few years later. He has never looked back since. Over the 20 years that he has been in the real estate market, Big CEO has garnered a vast wealth of experience, conducted thousands of real estate transactions as a realtor, personal investor and in the consultant capacity. Subsequently, building a rich portfolio and cutting out a niche for himself as an educator in financial literacy and business operations.

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Judging this book by its cover” would being doing a great disservice to oneself. At 63 and completely tattooed his slightly menacing appearance does not tell the real story here. After a few moments speaking with him, I wasnt sure if I was talking to a realtor, a CPA an attorney or all 3. This man is a powerhouse of information. As a financial literacy coach and educator, Big CEO openly guides people through his proven methods of attaining financial freedom that he believes was intentionally left out of the educational curriculum by the powers that be. However, Big CEO cautions people that he does NOT teach the kind of financial freedom that enables you to spend extravagantly and pursue a materialistic lifestyle. That model will take you from being a slave to your job to becoming a slave to maintaining exorbitance. He puts it this way, “ Think about this. The system is designed to promote, market and over exaggerate the value of 9-5 jobs. Capitalism doesnt work without the labor of the workforce. Capitalism needs consumers. Thus the keys to financial freedom are tucked away. Instead they promote traditional education which is the gateway to the job market, where the working class are taxed disproportionately, and only have two weeks in a year to themselves, with permission. The system promotes marriage (legal contract), promotes school loans (debt based legal contract) as well as home ownership through debt based mortgages, yet another legally binding contract. What I teach is the kind of financial freedom that allows people to have more time living a life thats based on their personal interests such as travel, culture, or the arts.”

I Transformation

The journey to creating the man Big CEO is today, has not been easy. Like many people who take the path to build wealth and end up making their life all about money, he has taken long to detach from the trance of greed for amassing wealth. Today, he has transformed into a man who decisively wishes only to feed his constant desire for showing more love, strengthening the faith in his creator, and helping others.

Admittedly, Big CEO has been able to set his reputation a pedestal higher than others who offer similar services. While educating people, he candidly dispenses the wisdom, knowledge, and experience he has garnered without holding anything back. His resourcefulness in consultation extends beyond real estate to negotiating leases, setting federal tax ID numbers for corporations, handling business licensing needs, among other services offered to his clientele.

Unprecedented Levels

Big CEO speaks with passion of his aspiration to empower anyone who wishes to attain financial freedom in any field the best way he can. He made the first step through a Real Estate Boot Camp organized by business partner Welby Accely in conjunction with Real Estate Ballers Inc. in Monroe, CT. The participants not only learned the dos and don'ts of real estate flipping but also how to maximize profitability. "We allowed participants to partner with us on an actual flip giving them the experience they would need to secure hard money financing" to do deals of their own. We then went the extra mile and walked participants into our lender's office to ensure their transactions would be funded. Such a fete is unprecedented in the real estate education history!” Big CEO intimates passionately.

While asked whether people should be investing in real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic, Big CEO offers, Im suggesting to all my clients that the buy & hold method is still applicable. If the numbers work and your financing is solid , I say go for it! As far as house flipping , Im advising my beginner to novice clients to take pause from this strategy because no one truly knows where home prices will land post pandemic

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