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Inter-personal skills to develop to boost your career

Inter-personal skills to develop to boost your career

Do you know someone who always manages to get what they want from people without trying too hard? Or someone less qualified than you who got the job you’d been drooling over? Are you someone who knows their work inside out and better than most but you’re passed over for promotions several times?

We’ve got some helpful guidelines for you to be “That Person”. Yes, you can be the person who gets picked first (even if there are candidates more qualified than you) or the one who climbs up the corporate ladder quickly. Plus, you can use these skills to improve your personal relationships and feel more content in all your human interactions! 

All you’ve got to do is find yourself in a situation where you are willing to work on your soft-skills. In any person’s life, soft-skills are of utmost importance to achieve success and harmony, yet these are rarely taught in schools or colleges. Soft-skills can make all the difference between getting a promotion and getting passed over, getting fired or even becoming the most liked person in the room! 

We’ve listed down some of the most important soft-skills for you to work on!

  • Creative Thinking: In an era where structure is less and less effective, corporations are always looking for people with creative thinking abilities who can come up with innovative solutions and ideas in their field!

  • Networking: Regardless of your field of work, you need to Network to get ahead. Networking means connecting with professionals across industries and companies and forming an acquaintance or friendship with them. The ability to do this can determine the direction your career will follow just by helping you grow your knowledge base and showing other individuals in the industry that you’re good at what you do. This is something along the lines of Personal branding for yourself to the network.

  • Persuasion: No one job comes without some element of selling. No matter your field, no matter your profile and no matter your job description, you’ll always need to convince someone to do something for you or you’ll need to sell “Why” for your ideas or actions. Corporates look for people who have the ability to persuade people over to their way of thinking while making it seem like an effortless exercise!

  • Team-Work: No surprise here, every Corporate is looking to work with a team-player. If you’re always the sore thumb sticking out, chances are people are going to dislike you by reputation regardless of the quality of your work. Being a team player is crucial to your success.

  • Emotional Intelligence: A relatively recent concept in terms of recognition, Emotional Intelligence focuses on perceiving, evaluating and responding to the emotions of others and of yourself. A higher emotional intelligence levels means you can manage and respond to people’s emotions better, thus improving your human interactions immensely!

  • Negotiation: If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, there’s no way you can skip out on this one! The ability to negotiate skills well is beyond important for you to grow your career. The worse your negotiation skills, the more likely it is that you’ll find yourself underpaid and taking a backseat to the good negotiators.

  • Adaptability: It is rightly said that Change is the only constant. This can be strongly witnessed during the Covid19 Lockdowns. Only those people manage to succeed who can respond and adapt to changing environments, situations and requirements! 

  • Client Management: Whether your role is client-facing or back-end, you will be dealing with clients. A client for the back-end team is the person from the front-end team. It is important to be able to build relationships and meet client requirements to grow your career. If your clients like you, your employer would trust you to be working with more of his clients!

  • Initiative: No one likes an employee they have to spoon-feed, those guys can’t become great leaders. Show your seniors and team that you’re capable of taking charge, figuring things out and becoming a good leader!