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Interesting Concepts Unveiled at the 2019 LA Auto Show: Karma SC2, BMW Vision M and More

AFP Relaxnews

Automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen, Karma, and BMW all gave us a peek at their futures by using this year's LA Auto Show to show off concept models that represent their sleek and high-tech visions.

Over the years, the LA Auto Show has provided automobile manufacturers with an opportunity to show off vehicle concepts that not only reflect that brand and its current mission but also represent the company's design and technological future; 2019 has proved no different. Over the week, companies like Karma, Lexus, and Hyundai have debuted some of their more futuristic models to date.

[caption id="attachment_2396309" align="alignnone" width="875"] Karma SC2 Concept, (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)[/caption]

Karma SC2 Concept, (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)

Karma SC2 and 2020 Revero GTS

Karma unveiled not one, but two concept models earlier this week in LA: the successor of Karma Automotive's SC1, the aptly named SC2, and the Revero GTS. While the Revero is a levelheaded representation of the brand's near production future, the SC2 is a wild, high-tech electric convertible model with scissor doors that demonstrates the California-based company's intensely futuristic long-term vision.

[caption id="attachment_2396305" align="alignnone" width="875"] Volkswagen ID Space Vission. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)[/caption]

Volkswagen ID Space Vission. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)

ID Space Vizzion

Like most of the concept models presented under the ID family name, Volkswagen's ID Space Vizzion wagon has the potential to be the precursor of a production model for North America and Europe. With an estimated range of 300 miles, this would be a practical EV for families of the future.

[caption id="attachment_2396303" align="alignnone" width="875"] BMW Vision M. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)[/caption]

BMW Vision M. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)

BMW Vision M Next

The high-performance M Next concept by BMW gives people a "sporty glimpse" into the brand's future. The driver experience was the main focus of the vehicle. Its motor sporting inspiration lent to the integration of the model's 600hp powertrain that can push the model to 62 mph in 3 seconds.

[caption id="attachment_2396311" align="alignnone" width="875"] Lexus LF 30. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)[/caption]

Lexus LF 30. (Image source: AFP Relaxnews)

Lexus LF-30

Lexus's fully electric LF-30 concept's show-stopping feature is its four in-wheel motors that together generate 536hp. With over 300 miles of range, similar to other electric concepts that have been revealed over the course of 2019, this concept -- like the Space Vizzion -- demonstrates the practicality of the next generation of EVs.

While a handful of other concept models made appearances at the show over this week, they were simply souped-up versions of previously announced vehicles that show various models' ability to be customized with accessories to suit each individual customer. The original concepts above, however, represent not only each brand's vision of their respective futures, but provide a look ahead at the automobile industry as a whole.