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How To Install Hopspot App On Jio Phone: Step-By-Step Guide

Sandeep Sarkar

Jio Phone is undeniably one of the most sought after feature phones in India. Thanks to its price tag that retails below R. 2,000, this device has been one of the most sold products by the company. The feature phone comes with internet connectivity and also supports third-party apps.

How To Run Hotspot Via Jio Phone

Several features still aren't compatible with the Jio Phone. However, some third-party developers have worked around the limitations so that users can run the apps and services which are not activated by default.

We recently spoke about the steps to download and use the fingerprint scanner app on the Jio Phone. In this article, we are sharing the steps on how you can create a hotspot on Jio Phone.

How To Create Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Jio Phone

The Jio Phone comes sans the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. However in a report via 91Mobiles, the steps to use these features have been revealed. This feature is still in the testing phase.

Jio has not announced as to when this feature will be available for Jio Phone, however, it is expected to arrive sometime soon in the coming weeks. Besides, you can follow the steps below to get started with hotspot connectivity on Jio Phone post the update.

1. You need to head to the Network and Connectivity menu which can be located in the Internet Sharing option of the Settings menu.

2. The next window will take you to the W-Fi hotspot connection option. Notably, this feature remains turned off by default.

3. Simply toggle-on this feature to get started with the hotspot connectivity.

4. Also, you get the provision of changing the Wi-Fi name and also password from the same window itself.

Jio Hotspot: How To Use?

After completing all the aforementioned steps, the hotspot feature will get activated and an icon will also be visible on the top of the notification bar. You can then share the internet network with other devices as well.

Besides, Jio is one of the popular household names in the feature phone department, and with such useful features in the tow; it makes for a good buy.

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