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Our industry is very dynamic: Monte Carlo’s Rishabh Oswal

Rishabh Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo

The Job

As local markets are synchronising themselves with global practices, it is heartening to see the extent to which both consumers and market preferences change. As for the apparel segment, our industry is very dynamic, with an ever-changing nature, and it is this very nature that excites me.

Certain practices in the apparel market continue to loom like dark clouds. These practices, perpetrated by both consumers and market players, are pulling the progress back by eons. The heavy reliance on discounting is one such. People wait for the sale period or options where the product can be bought for reduced prices; that discourages the industry from practising fair pricing.

The Weekdays

I am an early riser; I wake up at around 5.30 am and hit the gym. The majority of the day is spent on my feet, in order to combat the sedentary lifestyle. My schedule is packed, owing to my hands-on approach. You will see me rushing from pillar to post. Amidst the craziness, coffee is something that keeps me balanced and energised.

The Weekend

On regular days, everyone is so involved in work that we don't get the time to sit and talk to our loved ones. Hence, I prefer to stay at home and spend time with my family on the weekend, to alleviate the feeling of neglect that loved ones may harbour.

The Toys

I am a man with a classic bent of mind - the lesser the gadgets, the better the control over life. One needs to maintain a balance between technology and tradition in order to hone one's talent to the fullest. Yet, the only gadget that I hold close to my heart is my iPad; it is always with me, wherever I go.

The Logos

My sense of style has evolved with time; it's a mix of the modern and the classic. Yet, brands are something I vouch for. I am partial towards classic brands such as Hugo Boss, Gucci and Armani. These accentuate my love for timeless designs, while keeping the modern touch alive.

- As told to Sapna Nair