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India's most expensive bike at Rs 72 lakh, delivered!

(By Somnath Chatterjee)

H2 R delivery

For Rs 72 lakh you can get any luxury car of your choice but for some that is two wheels more than what they fancy. The Ninja H2R costs Rs 72 lakh and is delivered by Kawasaki Mumbai. This is one of the fastest ways of covering land surely and is one of the most potent bikes out there.

H2 R light

The R suffix is what gives this bike an exclusivity as it is not a road legal machine! This is the first and only H2R delivered in India. The R is actually double the price of a standard H2. Due to extremely loud exhaust and powerful engine, it cannot be registered. Hence it is only for the track and it has a top speed of 400 kmph. This speed is achievable in India on account of long straight single track.

Owning a machine like this, however, is a different experience as this is not a normal bike. For instance, the service interval is within hours! You read that right! The first service needs to be carried out within 15 hours of using it. There are other special aspects like more carbon, a special paint that to help fix scratches. However all that falls pale when you know it has more than 300 bhp!