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Indian Railways passengers take note! Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani gets 2 locomotives; journey time reduced by 1 hour

Smriti Jain
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Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express train to take an hour less! From today, Indian Railways passengers travelling on train number 12951/52 Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express will have reason to cheer as the train will take an hour less to travel between the two major cities – thanks to the push-pull technology of using two locomotives. Train number 12951/52 Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express comes under the Western Railway division of Indian Railways. According to Ravinder Bhakar, CPRO of Western Railway, the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express will be pulled by two locomotives – one at each end of the train. "The push-pull technology helps enhance the throughput of the train and on this route will help reduce travel time by about 45-60 minutes," Bhakar told Financial Express Online.

Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express timings:

Train number 12951 Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express leaves from Mumbai Central railway station in the evening to arrive at New Delhi railway station the next morning. Enroute it stops at Borivali, Surat, Vadodara, Ratlam, Nagda and Kota, travelling at a maximum speed of 130 kmph. At present the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express takes over 15 hours and 30 minutes. With the help of two locomotives operating under the push-pull method, Indian Railways hopes to bring this time down by an hour.

Two locomotives of 6,000 HP each, ie) with a total 12,000 HP will pull the train. This will also help save energy due to regeneration from two engines during braking. Apart from the reduced total journey time, Indian Railways also hopes that with push-pull technology the average speed of passenger trains will go up due to faster acceleration. Additionally, the need to reverse the locomotive is eliminated at the terminal station.

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According to Ravinder Bhakar, this technology will soon be used on a regular basis on train number 12953/54 August Kranti Rajdhani Express as well. Central Railway has already adopted the push-pull technology for Train number 22221/22222 Mumbai CSMT-Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express that passes via Bhopal.