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Indian Railways to operate electric locomotive trains from Jaipur to Mumbai, Delhi; several crores to be saved

Nikita Prasad
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Indian Railways to save big with eco-friendly electric locomotive trains! Soon, passengers from Jaipur will be able to travel by new Indian Railways electric locomotive trains. In a big boost towards operating electric over diesel locomotives, the North Western Railway (NWR) zone will start operating electric locomotive trains on the Jaipur-Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad and Kota trunk routes from the month of April this year. These eco-friendly electric locomotives will help Indian Railways save up to 4 lakh litres of diesel on a daily basis. The electric locos will also help in saving revenue and reducing pollution levels for the zonal network.

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, the railway zone has successfully completed the electrification work on the Shivdaspura-Sawai Madhopur as well as the Kanakapura-Phulera routes and about 10 per cent of the work is left between the Jaipur-Bandikui route. The electrification work at the Jaipur Yard is expected to be completed by the month of March, which will enable the operation of the eco-friendly electric locomotive trains.

According to data given by Indian Railways quoted in the report, a total number of 110 passenger trains, 35 freight trains and 200 diesel locomotives operate every day from the city of Jaipur. An engine consumes around 5000 litres of diesel per day, whereas a diesel engine has a maximum of 5000 litres of diesel. 200 diesel locomotives operate from Jaipur every day and 40 per cent of these will be converted to electric locomotives. The electrification work will stop 40 per cent of diesel locomotives operating between Jaipur-Kota-Mumbai via Sawai Madhopur, Delhi-Agra via Bandikui and Ahmedabad-Udaipur via Ajmer. This will eventually save 4 lakh litres of diesel every day. According to the NWR zone, electrification of 14 km between Gandhinagar to Kanakpura, 131 km between Madar-Gudiya and 91 km between Bandikui-Jaipur is currently in progress.

Overall, 85 per cent of the work related to electrification in the zone has been completed. By the month of March, the Jaipur yard will also get electrified which will enable electric locomotives to operate from Jaipur to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Ahmedabad and Udaipur. The electrification process increases the frequency of trains operating on the network and the average speed of trains will increase by 18 per cent.